Minggu, 16 Juni 2013

Wahyu Liz Adaideaja in: Power of Creativity

Wahyu Liz Adaideaja, a young creativepreneur, pointed as a keynote speaker in the national seminar at UNNES, Semarang, 15 June, 2013.

in this Seminar, Wahyu Liz Adaideaja, as usual, brought a very funny topic, with a stand up comedian style, wear a blangkon (javanese hat which means from Blank to ON) and nice suit, with black buttertie.

Wahyu Liz Adaideaja, public speaker for entrepreneur and Business Coach said that creativity can be find by many ways such as: passion, need, and circumstances.

Audience look very happy because of this Laughshow, and as u know, Wahyu Liz Adaideaja always bring His boy named Si Kuprit (a maskot beby doll, which a miniature of WLA)

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